Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After a month and 15 days the Trachts are finally falling into a schedule. Lately we have seen a lot of the newest addition to the family, Brandon, the little African neighbor boy. Check SpellingAlthough many of the African children are afraid of the Bazoongoo (plural of Mazoongoo) Brandon does not have this problem. For those of us who are not awake before the sun. We are often woken by his little *tap tap TAP TAP TAP* on the door letting us know that he is ready for his first visit of the morning. He is such a cutie :) Mom is especially sweet on him.
I have turned into quite the Cinderella. Having no carpet in the house there is plenty of mopping to be done.
We all spend a lot of time out on our balcony. It looks over the town of Mbarara. Mom sits out there every morning for her devotions & we normally eat breakfast out there. It is so beautiful :D
We are really looking forward to the container coming in. Not that camping hasn't been fun. We get our exercise moving our chairs from the living room... to the balcony...to the table etc.
I've been enjoying teaching Jacob and Travis English. We finished one of our books today and learned 25 prefixes&suffixes. They really are good students and we have lots of fun.
I'll Keep you Posted
Please continue to pray...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Week In Africa...

This past week was great. The John and Romans have been a incredible tool. On Sunday we had many visitors come in with the John and Romans that they had been given. Pray for Viki I got to speak to her on visitation this Saturday and she seemed very interested and open to the gospel.

Our church is hosting a seminar this week on confronting different religions. I got to help be a part in putting together the books they are giving the pastors. This is a huge deal for many of the missionaries down here. They have been working on this project for over 8 years.

Mom and Dad just got back Wednesday night from the capital. Rebekah, Garrett, and I stayed home and watched the kids (Jake, Travis, Scott, Tori, Trent, Marcus, Kendra, Kirsten, and Kimberly) Monday-Wednesday. We had fun.

Pray that the remainder of the conference goes well and for the teachers (Pastor Bryan, Bro. Bassett, and Brother Matt)

Kristen Noel :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Sunday's experience was quite the experience. We went out into one of the village Churches in Kyahi. (Independent Baptist Church of Kyahi) Where my Dad preached through and interpreter. I had the privilege of working with my mother in the children's ministry. Using the Summer Bible Club song posters we were able to teach the African children many different songs. At first we were only going to do a few but they just wanted to keep going and going. We had over 60 children in the class most of which were orphans. That afternoon we shared a meal with the pastor and his family, and then went out and passed out John and Romans. We are so excited to see that the money we have been raising to supply this village with fresh water will soon be put to use.

Visitation this Saturday was great I was able to go out with Robert (one of the nationals), Garrett, and Scott we were able to pass out hundreds of John and Romans in just a short amount of time. The people were very receptive and many said that they will be comeing to Church. Having these materials opens a huge door, and so many of the africans are excited to finally have some of the Bible in their language.

Rebecka and I are both hoping to be able to get involved in the woman's prison ministry here. Please pray for God's will in this.

Please continue to pray for us...
Kristen Tracht

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Post 1

I am finally here...It was so much like I expected and at the same time very different. I love the people here. They are so warm and friendly. When they smile they just glow! One of the highlights of my week is soul winning on saturday mornings. The people here are very receptive to the gospel. We are slowly finding our place here in the ministry, and getting to know the people of Uganda. It is such an incredible opportunity, and we are excited to see what God has in store for us in the coming years...

Kristen Noel Tracht