Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Sunday's experience was quite the experience. We went out into one of the village Churches in Kyahi. (Independent Baptist Church of Kyahi) Where my Dad preached through and interpreter. I had the privilege of working with my mother in the children's ministry. Using the Summer Bible Club song posters we were able to teach the African children many different songs. At first we were only going to do a few but they just wanted to keep going and going. We had over 60 children in the class most of which were orphans. That afternoon we shared a meal with the pastor and his family, and then went out and passed out John and Romans. We are so excited to see that the money we have been raising to supply this village with fresh water will soon be put to use.

Visitation this Saturday was great I was able to go out with Robert (one of the nationals), Garrett, and Scott we were able to pass out hundreds of John and Romans in just a short amount of time. The people were very receptive and many said that they will be comeing to Church. Having these materials opens a huge door, and so many of the africans are excited to finally have some of the Bible in their language.

Rebecka and I are both hoping to be able to get involved in the woman's prison ministry here. Please pray for God's will in this.

Please continue to pray for us...
Kristen Tracht

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  1. We will keep you and your family lifted up in prayer. We love and miss you all