Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After a month and 15 days the Trachts are finally falling into a schedule. Lately we have seen a lot of the newest addition to the family, Brandon, the little African neighbor boy. Check SpellingAlthough many of the African children are afraid of the Bazoongoo (plural of Mazoongoo) Brandon does not have this problem. For those of us who are not awake before the sun. We are often woken by his little *tap tap TAP TAP TAP* on the door letting us know that he is ready for his first visit of the morning. He is such a cutie :) Mom is especially sweet on him.
I have turned into quite the Cinderella. Having no carpet in the house there is plenty of mopping to be done.
We all spend a lot of time out on our balcony. It looks over the town of Mbarara. Mom sits out there every morning for her devotions & we normally eat breakfast out there. It is so beautiful :D
We are really looking forward to the container coming in. Not that camping hasn't been fun. We get our exercise moving our chairs from the living room... to the balcony...to the table etc.
I've been enjoying teaching Jacob and Travis English. We finished one of our books today and learned 25 prefixes&suffixes. They really are good students and we have lots of fun.
I'll Keep you Posted
Please continue to pray...

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