Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey Everyone :)

These next few months are going to be very busy and very exciting. My sister Katie will be coming out here for the summer. Also a friend of mine, Anna Houston, and her father will be coming out shortly after that.

It's surprising how easy is actually has been adjusting. The pace of life is much slower here than in america. It was funny though, last night after family devotions we were all laughing about the different foods and things we miss from the states. It will be so nice when our container comes in. Ha Ha it's like waiting for Christmas to come...just not knowing when Christmas is...

This week on visitation I had 3 great conversations with people concerning salvation. It was so funny how it worked out too. I was getting a little discouraged about the language barrier and all, and I started to grumble to God about it. Right then a man came up to me and started asking me some very good questions in very good English concerning what I believe. It just seemed right after he left another person came up and did the same and then another. It was a great encouragement to me! God is so good.

Before coming to Africa, what I most looked forward to was seeing how Tori, Trent, and Scott reacted to everything. And it has been so fun. Nothing seems to faze them!

Trent has gathered quite the bug collection. After stepping on one too many crickets though we all insist that he keeps them outside.

We also have a new missionary family that just recently moved out here. (the Huckabys) Pray for them as they are hoping to move into their house sometime this week.

Thanks so much for all your prayers! God has been so good!

Kristen Tracht


  1. Kristen.....

    Good to hear how God is using you!!
    I hope your "Christmas" comes sooner than later :)

    Thank you for your update! YOU ARE MISSED AND LOVED!

    Mrs. Burklund

  2. Kristen,

    Hey sweet girl - I miss you!!(this is Mrs. Weberg - I think it's coming up Tate, because I haven't set it up in my name yet.) So glad to read your blog on how well you all are doing!

    We pray for you often and hope to come and see you one day :-)

    Tell everyone hello for us -

    Love Mrs. Weberg and family