Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello Everyone...

Sorry it has been a while. I've been keeping very busy with school, and I am really enjoying it. Our container is now in Africa...hopefully it gets to Mbarara soon.

Garrett, Jake, and I have joined our Bible institute. I'll be taking two classes (Church History&1,2,3rd John and Jude). My teachers are Bro. Jeff Bassett and my Daddy.

Mom and Dad went to Kampala again this weekend. They picked up one of the most important essentials to surviving in Africa. A 3kilo. bar of Chocolate. Yummy :)

16 days in counting till Katie and Andrea are here. We are so excited! Hopefully for their sakes we will have the container in and the furniture in before they get here. (lol so on Katie and Andrea's behalf PRAY! haha)

We are slowly picking up on the language. Makes you so thankful for the English language. Runyankora is a little more limited ( for instance the word for today and the word for right now are the same word).

We love you guys and miss you,

Keep praying. The Lord is working.

Kristen Noel Tracht

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  1. Hullo.its good and i thank God to have you all in Uganda.And again i thank God very much for you all(family) for the love you have for the people.You are friendly to everyone,the desire to get closer to African people which is not common among most Americans who come for missionary work.
    Its good to have you and yo brothers in the Bible institute.Have a nice time here in Uganda.
    Brother in Christ,